A concerted progression of electron microscopy in Sweden, is achieved by joining six complementary nodes into one national infrastructure, ARTEMI, that targets materials science and engineering, solid state physics, inorganic chemistry, nanoscience, and adjacent disciplines as well as related interdisciplinary fields.

Adoption of new methods relies on specialization of local nodes. However, through collaboration, coordination and prioritization between laboratories we can optimize our efforts and increase the variety of available tools and methods that can be offered to the research society.

ARTEMI include the main materials focused nodes at CTH, KTH, LiU (coordinating), LU, SU and UU, each with an internationally leading profile in competence and instrumentation. Through joint and optimized efforts in research modules, ARTEMI can develop microscopy further than each node separately, and offer advanced, rewarding and high impact methods to the researcher community, in academia and industry, in Sweden and internationally.

ARTEMI include the materials-oriented electron microscopy nodes at: