Industry access 

ARTEMI is open to researchers in industry and government institutions. As investments in instruments of the order of 30-50 MSEK is required for a top-of-the line TEM with analytical facilities, not all industry-related labs find it economically viable to acquire an in-house facility. In addition, it takes an operator with several years of training and experience to use the microscopes to their full capacity.  

Typically, a first contact is established, either centrally to ARTEMI or directly to one of the nodes of the network, where the problem at hand is defined, and the possible results that can be achieved is discussed. The most suitable nodes within ARTEMI are recommended and contact details provided to the sites, where appropriate booking of instrument and operator can be provided. Instrument and operator costs are determined locally for industry users. 

Industry researchers have the same priority as academic users and we can help with frontline developing research of materials, as well as troubleshooting.  

If needed, non-disclosure agreements (NDA:s) can be established with the operator. 

You can find our Industry Access Form here.