Application procedure

  1. Project feasibility check

Prior to submitting ARTEMI application, the feasibility of the intended project needs to be evaluated.

To do this, You need to contact:

  • The microscopy expert team directly. Full list and contact details are available in ‘Contact us


  • Send the request to where You will be forwarded to microscopy expert matching Your project needs for the discussion.

2. Submitting ARTEMI application

After successful feasibility check. Official ARTEMI application form must be submitted for review and prioritization:

  • To submit the ARTEMI application (academic or industrial) form follow the link:

User must agree on data management policies of corresponding ARTEMI node where the project will be executed.

3. Project execution

After review and final approval of Your proposal, microscopy expert will contact You to start discussions on planning and execution of the project.

4. Publications and Acknowledgement

All ARETMI users are required to acknowledge ARTEMI infrastructure in all upcoming publications if the results were achieved withing ARTEMI activities.

ARTEMI microscopy expert(s) should be offered co-authorship if the contribution the work was significant.

Use of the ARTEMI infrastructure should be acknowledged with the text as exemplified below:

‘Swedish Research Council and Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research acknowledged for access to ARTEMI, the Swedish National Infrastructure in Advanced Electron Microscopy (2021-00171 and RIF21-0026).’

The ARTEMI acknowledging publications should be reported to the assigned microscopy expert for the project or to