Access Overview

ARTEMI welcomes researchers in Sweden and all over the world to access our advanced transmission electron microscopes. It joins together the electron microscopy facilities for physical science and the associated experts and skilled staffs at Linköping university, Lund University, Chalmers University of Technology, Uppsala University, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm University. Researchers are provided with world class materials characterization at spatial and energy resolution and a variety of the advanced microscopy, diffraction and spectroscopy techniques and their combinations. ARTREMI also serves as a hub for researchers from different disciplinaries for interaction and developing collaborations. ARTEMI is the single-entry point for both industrial and academic users, who needs advance electron microscopy to solve their scientific challenges, and offers: 

  • Access of advanced instrument (TEM and sample preparation equipment) 
  • Access of expert microscopists 
  • training 
  • advance data analyses  


ARTEMI is supported by Swedish Research Council and Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. Academic users do not need pay the operator or consultant fees. However, the instrument fee is required since the infrastructure is the property of the universities. The charge rate varies between universities. The detail can be found in the local facilities website. Industrial users should contact ARTEMI and/or the node well in advance to discuss their needs and the cost.  


For researchers, who have had no experience on TEM, the experts at ARTEMI will help to evaluate the feasibility and then plan and design the experiment. Our experts can assist to users to apply TEM time.  

Apply for TEM time: 

Application and inquiry can be done at any time. There is no fix regular schedule for access our infrastructure. The detail can be found in “Application Procedure”.  


You can find the information of Contact. However, you are very welcome to discuss with our experts directly.  

After the experiment

1) Acknowledge ATEMI:

When publishing article or report arising from work carried out at ARTEMI, it is an obligation to acknowledge the access. The statement in acknowledgement should be: “Swedish Research Council and Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research are acknowledged for access to ARTEMI, the Swedish National Infrastructure in Advanced Electron Microscopy (2021-00171 and RIF21-0026).” 

 2) IT service: 

Since each facility has the data management and information technology policy set by the host university, you should contact the local expert at the node used, regarding to data access and handling.