What is ARTEMI?

Since late 2022, ARTEMI is the Swedish national infrastructure in advanced electron microscopy. With nodes that are distributed across Sweden, ARTEMI caters to researchers in materials science, inorganic chemistry, physics, crossover- and adjacent disciplines, in Sweden and internationally.

In the exploration of materials, researchers typically employ X-ray photons, (e.g. MaxLab), neutrons, (e.g. ESS) or electrons (ARTEMI). These particles interact differently with materials and all exhibit complementary information. Electrons benefit from their ability to be focused by electromagnetic fields and for their strong interaction with material. Therefore, as an example, spectroscopy and imaging can be performed with superior spatial resolution, enabling investigations of single atoms, which is beneficiary for studies of e.g. interfaces, low-dimensional and nanostructured materials.

With materials and devices that are increasingly being tailored at the nanoscale, access to direct observation and investigation at this scale is becoming more important. Operation of an advanced electron microscope requires years to learn and master, accordingly the general researcher needs an experienced operator to fully take advantage of all the features on the microscope. The main purpose of ARTEMI is therefore to enable researchers to access expertise, advanced microscopes and to have the ability to perform advanced measurements in a cost-efficient and scientifically rewarding manner. -All through a single entry point- artemi.se.

Beyond enabling access to advanced measurements, ARTEMI further develops advanced methods in imaging, diffraction, spectroscopy and in situ / in operando methods that are made available to the researcher community.

Through continuous and coordinated investments in complementary methods and state of the art equipment, ARTEMI strives for swift access to today’s state of the art equipment, with an option for future development.