Access and Scheduling

What is the process for gaining access to the TEM facility?

Access is granted based on submission of an application to ARTEMI, but it is good to discuss prerequisites and expectations in advance with an ARTEMI expert

Are there any requirements or prerequisites for access (e.g., training, proposal submission)?

The only requirement is to submit a proposal through the online portal, and we can begin to work together from there.

How far in advance do I need to schedule instrument time?

This depends on the nature of the planned experiment and the node, but for simple experiments, it should be possible to accommodate your proposal within less than a month.

What is the typical duration of a TEM session?

Simple imaging and spectroscopy could require 2-4 hours of work. More complicated experiments, such as in situ or time resolved experiments, may last for several days. 

How long will it take for ARTEMI to make a decision about my application?

In general, it should not be longer than 5 working days. ARTEMI staff or the assigned node will contact you directly.

Are there any limitations on the amount of instrument time that can be allocated to a single user or project?

This depends on which instrument will be used and at which node. We recommend discussing this issue with the local node expert prior to submitting a proposal.

Can ARTEMI provide a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

No. ARTEMI is not a legal entity. However, if an NDA is required, in most cases it can be organized and signed by the operator and/or the local node University. Please inform ARTEMI or the local node as soon as possible if an NDA is required


I have a question regarding TEM measurements, whom to contact at ARTEMI?

Send Your inquiry to info@artemi.se

Could I contact a node directly to discuss potential ARTEMI applications?

You are welcome and recommended to contact individual nodes directly if you already know which node(s) you want to work with before submitting your ARTEMI access application. The list of our nodes and specialists can be found on this website. If you are not sure which ARTEMI node has the suitable expertise and instrumentation for your research ideas, please contact info@artemi.se. You will then be redirected to the suitable node.


What are the costs for using ARTEMI?

Yes, there is a charge for instrumentation usage time and operator, with fees that slightly vary depending on the ARTEMI node. For an academic user, ARTEMI will fully cover the operator cost.

Could travel and accommodation costs be covered by ARTEMI if I would like to visit one of the nodes to carry out TEM experiments?

Unfortunately travel and accommodation cost for users are not covered by ARTEMI.  

Are there any funding opportunities or grants available to support research conducted at the facility?


Instrumentation and Capabilities

What types of (S)TEM instruments are available at ARTEMI?

There are many different instruments available, with different detectors and sample holders. For a list of available equipment, please see our sub page Instrumentation.

What are the resolution capabilities of the TEM instruments?

This varies with instrument and mode of operation. Some information can be found here (### Insert link to equipment###), but depending on your needs it may be best to discuss with a node expert.

Are there any specialized techniques or modes available (e.g., STEM, EELS, tomography, in situ)?

Yes, each node and instrument has a range of available methods, and the ARTEMI nodes specialize in a variety of these, see (###insert link to modes/ nodes …###)

Sample Requirements and Preparation

What are the sample requirements for transmission electron microscope (TEM) analysis? (e.g., size, thickness, type)

Generally, TEM sample should be thin (<100 nm), conductive, non-magnetic, vacuum compatible and resistive to the electron beam irradiation during standard TEM investigation. Typically, the sample must also be circular and 3mm in diameter to fit inside most sample holders. However, sample preparation and the TEM experiments can be specially tuned to best answer your scientific questions, so it is recommended that you discuss these issues with your selected node/operator.

Do I have to do all the sample preparation myself before coming to an ARTEMI node, or is ARTEMI able to support with that as well?

Ideally, the user brings a final sample for investigation. For specific needs or if you do not know how to prepare your sample, we are available for a discussion to guide your needs. Each node in ARTEMI has different equipment for sample preparation and can support you with your sample preparation prior to TEM experiments. Depending on what sample preparation is needed, some nodes are more suitable than others.

It is always good to discuss with our specialists before doing any sample preparation because choosing the best sample preparation depends on your material and the planned EM techniques. Please reach out to us, and we will help guide you to the most appropriate node for your samples, both in terms of preparation and analysis.

Support and Training

Is training provided for users unfamiliar with the equipment or techniques?

No, but we can guide you to available training protocols at the ARTEMI nodes.  

Are there staff members available to provide technical support during experiments?

Staff members, will in most cases run the experiment for you, to optimize the instrument in favor of your data collection.

Do I need to get a TEM user license before carrying out my TEM experiments with ARTEMI?

In most cases the answer is no. Normally you don’t need to get a TEM license before carrying out your TEM observation using ARTEMI, since in most cases the expert operators will carry out the TEM experiment for you.

Can ARTEMI assist with data analysis and interpretation of results acquired during ARTEMI sessions?

For simple analysis we can provide it for you at no additional cost. For extended analysis or on multiple occasions, we will train you evaluate the data on accessible platforms. Please discuss this with the specialist at the relevant node of ARTEMI.

Data Management and Publication

Can I take the data with me after an ARTEMI experiment? How will I get the data?

Yes, you are free to take any data produced during an ARTEMI experiment. The specialist who has helped with your experiment will instruct you how to get your data. The routine highly depends on the node and its data management policy.

What are the policies regarding data storage and management?

Large datasets (TB) are transferred to the user after which they are deleted from ARTEMI drives.  

Are there guidelines for authorship or acknowledgment in publications resulting from research conducted at an ARTEMI facility?

It is required that ARTEMI is acknowledged in any publication. It is also encouraged that the ARTEMI operator is invited as co-author to any publication to ensure a proper interpretation of the results.  

How should I acknowledge ARTEMI in my publications?

This sentence should be included in the acknowledgements: 

“The Swedish Research Council and Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research are acknowledged for access to ARTEMI, the Swedish National Infrastructure in Advanced Electron Microscopy (2021-00171 and RIF21-0026).”

What should I do after my paper that has utilized ARTEMI has been published?

Please email the publication information to the node that has helped you. 

Safety and Regulations

What are the safety protocols for working with ARTEMI instruments?

ARTEMI instruments operate under high vacuum and at high voltages. For that reason, it is advised that only ARTEMI experts handle the instruments.  

Are there any regulatory requirements or restrictions that need to be considered?

These differ between the nodes. Be sure to raise any concerns with the operator prior to an experiment.

Are there specific guidelines for the disposal of samples or chemicals used in sample preparation?

This depends on your sample, but ARTEMI requires that you bring your sample with you after the measurement is complete.

Still need help? Send us an e-mail!

For any other questions, please write us at info@artemi.se