(A) Fabrication of on-paper MXene based microsupercapacitors (M-MSCs). (B) TEM image (inset: SAED pattern) of an MXene flake

User project: Static and dynamic microstructure of MXene based microsupercapacitor

A.P. Jiantong Li from Division of Electronics and Embedded Systems of KTH is hosting a project named ‘Microsupercapacitors for 3D integrated on-chip energy storage components’, which is supported by Swedish Research Council (Grant No. 2019‐04731). His group is focusing on performance boost of the supercapacitors made of MXene thin films using printed electronics. One of the critical steps is to link the device performance with the microstructure of the MXene, which requires TEM observation including diffraction and HRTEM mode[1]. Furthermore, we plan to investigate in-situ dynamics of the microstructure of the supercapacitor during charging and discharging process. Based on the specific capabilities of the UEM in KTH, we also plan to cooperate with A.P. Jiantong Li and study the ultrafast lattice dynamics of the MXenes.

[1]. Han Xue et al, High-rate metal-free MXene microsupercapacitors on paper substrates, Carbon Energy. 2023;e442.