Workshop on machine learning methods in transmission electron microscopy

Time and place: October 28th-29th, 2024, Linköping University, Sweden

Workshop topics include:

  • Denoising HR-TEM, STEM and EELS data.
  • Image segmentation and atoms detection.
  • Applications in scanning precession electron microscopy.
  • AI-driven in-situ/operando experiments.
  • Real time interpretation of materials properties and processes by bridging atomistic-level modeling and experimental data with machine learning.
  • Microscopy data management.

Confirmed speakers:

Mitra Taheri, Johns Hopkins University, United States

Ivan Lobato, Rosalind Franklin Institute, United Kingdom

Jakob Schiøtz, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Antonius van Helvoort, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Michael Felsberg, Linköping University, Sweden

Maria K. Chan, Argonne National Laboratory, United States


Final program and registration will be available from September 1st