NordTEMhub/ARTEMI Workshop held on Three-Dimensional Electron Diffraction

In recent years electron crystallography has gained significant attention with the advent of three-dimensional electron diffraction (3D ED) for structural analysis of crystalline specimens. The NordTEMHub/ARTEMI workshop on Three-dimensional Electron Diffraction was held April 15-17 at Arrhenius laboratory, Stockholm University. It covers the fundamentals of crystallography, electron diffraction, and structural analysis by 3D ED.

The workshop includes two afternoon practical sessions, from demonstrations of sample preparation and data collection in small groups (6-8 people/group), to hands-on computer sessions covering data analysis and structure determination. The last day included talks on the recent developments of ED-based methods and their applications on different materials.

45 participants from 10 different countries attended the workshop.

Organizers: Tom Willhammar, Hongyi Xu and Xiaodong Zou, Stockholm University